Thursday, 30 April 2009

If you want something good to get your teeth into, a drama can be both absorbing and entertaining.
Following the well tried formulas, the good drama is often, but not always, a period drama or a detective drama, usually concentrating on the personal tragedy, and character study of the famous, and infamous alike.
The amount of research that can go into the production can be quite painstaking. Great detail must be paid to the scenery, props, wardrobe and even locations, and not forgetting good old 'continuity'.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Case study-Media studies

This my media blog about tv programmes .
The tv progamme i am doing about is waterloo road.
-A blog full of thorough,beautifully presented research and planning or a thorough,detailed research and planing blog.
-A Textual Analysis essay,analysing an existing telvision drama programme.
-A storyboard for the title sequence for ypur own,original television drama programme.